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    11= GEMINI/Tutorial/GEC15/Background/Instrumentize =
     4==== 2.2)  Instrumentize process ====
     6Things to verify before instrumenting your slice :
     7  1. Know the path to your GENI certificate file
     8  2. Know the passphrase for your GENI certificate file. GEMINI currently does not support decrypted/unencrypted GENI certificates. Its easier and less cumbersome if you can store your passphrase in ~/.ssl/password as explained in the User Workspace setup explained earlier.
     9  3. The sliver status for your slice is "READY".
     10  4. Make sure you can ssh into the nodes in your slice without being prompted for password. This functionality is one of the fundamental and necessary requirements of setting up the GEMINI I&M System on your slice.  See [ instructions] for adding your key to the ssh-agent.
     11  5. Renew your slice and slivers. Some certificates used in GEMINI are tied to your slice's expiration date and would need to be manually updated if your slice is renewed after the instrumentize process.
     14In order to instrument your slice using GEMINI we use the script called "" with the below mentioned parameters
     17For example, in your User Workspace VM that your are using in this tutorial, do
     20geni@UserWorkspace:~$ cd ~/Tutorials/GEMINI/commmon/
     21geni@UserWorkspace:~/Tutorials/GEMINI/commmon$./ -f /path/to/your/geni/credential/file -n some_slice_name
     24If you are experiencing problems , it is helpful to run the above command with a debug option enabled (- d) like below
     27geni@UserWorkspace:~/Tutorials/GEMINI/commmon$./ -d -f /path/to/your/geni/credential/file -n some_slice_name
     30While the instrumentize process is running you will see messages printed out on your terminal informing the action being performed at each stage of the process. In short, the list of steps being performed are
     32    1. Check all Nodes to be instrumentized for OS compatibility with the GEMINI Software
     33    2. Send your manifest to the UNIS Server (UNIS is mentioned in the GEMINI Documentation)
     34    3. Obtain Credential to view Active measurements
     35    4. Install all software required for the Passive measurements on the Global Node and Measurement points
     36    5. Install all software required for the Active measurements on the Global Node and Measurement points
     37    6. Send slice information to the GEMINI Portal
     39Steps 4 and 5 do take considerable amount of time to complete, hence please be patient. ( currently around 20 minutes on VMs and 10 minutes when using raw nodes )
     42On successful completion of the instrumentation process you will be given a username,password, link to the geminiportal website, and other information that you may need to login to the geminiportal site ([]). Please note this information down for use later. Below are screenshots of a GEMINI Instrumentation process and the execution flow of what you would see during this process.
     55==== 2.3)  Confirm slice with installed I&M tools and experiment services ====
     58In order to access the GEMINI portal ([]) use the [wiki:GEMINITutorial/SliceInformation login information] that was given to you after the completion of the GEMINI Instrumentation process.
     59Go to the GEMINI Portal website at []
     63[wiki:GeminiPortal Intro To Gemini Portal]
     65[wiki:PathControllerDemo Path Controller]