GEC Demo Submission

This page describes what you need to do to submit a demo request to participate in the Evening Demo Session at the GENI Engineering Conference (GEC). Use these directions for poster-only submissions as well. Please pay attention to the submission deadline date posted on the demo wiki page, as we work in advance with many vendors as well as our gracious campus hosts to provide adequate equipment and resources for the demo, and we cannot accept late or incomplete requests.

NOTE: DEMO/POSTER DESCRIPTIONS ARE REQUIRED for your request to be processed. We will distribute the demo description paragraph in the template below to all GENI attendees to help people find the demos they are most interested in seeing, so it is important to write a compelling and accurate description. Demo descriptions should start with a sentence that is understandable by laymen. Indicate in your description who really should see the demo and why (e.g. "Network providers that support OpenFlow should see this tool demonstration because it will let them manage limited bandwidth efficiently.")

Here's how to submit a demo request:

  1. Log in to the GENI wiki( using your GENI wiki user ID and password to create a ticket. If you don't have or don't remember your userID or password, please email
  1. Use this URL to create a demo request ticket:

This URL makes sure your request shows up on the GEC23 request list, so please use it to make sure your request isn't lost.

  1. Copy the request template below and paste it into your request ticket. Please fill out all items:
    Demo Title:  

    One-sentence layman's description:
    Example:  This demo shows a working prototype of an emergency communication service in St. Louis, Missouri. 

    Who should see this demo?
    Example:  Attendees interested in emergency preparedness and resilient networks should see this demo.

    Demo description paragraph(s):
    Identify (a) what you are demonstrating and (b) why it is important. 
    This description may be used for advance publicity and to help attendees decide what to see.

    List of equipment that will need AC connections (e.g. laptop, switch, monitor): 
    Just put in the number of connections needed if your demo description already lists equipment.

    Total number of wired network connections (sum standard IP and VLAN connections):
    Number of wired layer 2 VLANs (if any):  
    Specify VLAN number, if known, approximate bandwidth, and whether tagged or untagged.

    Number of wireless network connections (include required bandwidth if significant):

    Number of static addresses needed (if any):

    Monitor (specify number, standard/large, and VGA/DVI): 
    Specify resolution only if your software has resolution restrictions.

    Number of posters (max size poster boards are 30" x 40"):

    Special requests:
    Include any specific network connectivity needs 
    (e.g. VLANs to a particular GENI location, projects you'd like to be near, etc.)


Please make sure you mention any other collaborating teams in the text of your ticket. The tickets will help us locate collaborating teams near each other in the demo space as much as possible.

Posters will be mounted on stands near the demo tables, and shown throughout the event. The maximum poster board size is 30" x 40." Half size posters (30" x 20") are encouraged if the contents allow.

You can request standard ( 32" ) or large monitors ( 42" ) for your demo. Due to the added expense, please request large or high-resolution monitors only if your content requires it. We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Here are more detailed instructions:

When you are entering data for your demo ticket:

  • Select your Project Name from the drop-down list for the ticket "Component" field. (If your project name is not in the list, skip this step and type it in the body of the ticket.)
  • Leave the "Milestone" and "Dependencies" fields blank, which is the default.
  • Include anyone besides you who should get email updates on the ticket in the "Cc" field (for example, your advisor). You and the cc: list will automatically get ticket updates.

The GPO will update your ticket when we confirm that the resources you need are available, and will use the ticket for any further communications about your demo. We often get more demo requests than we can accommodate, and we will inform you via the ticket a few days after the deadline if your request is not selected for the event.

If you have any trouble creating or using a ticket, please email and we'll make sure your information is entered.

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