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GEC9 Plenary Demos

Network Status Host Status Open Flow Status
Aster*x? Aster*x Hosts Aster*x OF
Education? Education Hosts Education OF
NetServ? NetServ Hosts NetServ OF
Pathlet Pathlet Hosts Pathlet OF
SmartRE? SmartREHosts SmartRE OF
Violin Violin Hosts Violin OF

Hosts Status

Aster*x Hosts

Host1? Host2?

Education Hosts

Host1_EducationHost1? Host2?

Netserv Hosts

Host1? Host2?

Pathlet Hosts

Host Name Demo Role Host Type Flow Visor Controller, Pathlet Nox Module. VM Host Expedient/Opt-in Manager VM Host MyPLC controller (myplc4) MyPLC Controller Visualization (plnode1-myplc4) MyPLC Node TBD (plnode2-myplc4) MyPLC Node TBD (plnode3-myplc4) MyPLC Node TBD (plnode4-myplc4) MyPLC Node TBD (plnode5-myplc4) MyPLC Node
[wiki:Host9_Pathlet? MyPLC controller MyPLC Controller
[wiki:Host10_Pathlet? TBD (CN?) MyPLC Node
[wiki:Host11_Pathlet? TBD (CN?) MyPLC Node

SmartRE Hosts

Host1? Host2?

Violin Hosts

Host1? Host2?

Open Flow Status

Aster*x OF Status

Aster*x OF?

Education OF Status

Education OF ?

Netserv OF Status

Netserv OF?

Pathlet OF Status

Pathlet OF?

SmartRE OF Status


Violin OF Status

Violin OF?