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    2222''Demo Participants:'' Marco Gruteser, Max Ott, Ivan Seskar, Joseph Milkjovic, Thierry Rakotoarivelo [[BR]]
    2323Demonstration of cognitive radio platform with Matlab/Simulink prototyping framework. This demonstration will show the versatility of an agile cognitive radio platform by using spectrum sensing capabilities to identify an empty portion of the spectrum that will be subsequently used for communication. 
     24Affiliation(s): WINLAB/Rutgers University, NICTA
     26== Federating CRON (Cyberinfrastructure of Reconfigurable Optical Networks) testbed with GENI testbeds ==
     28''Demo Participants:'' Seung‐Jong Park, Cheng Cui [[BR]]
     29Federating a Cyberinfrastructure of Reconfigurable Optical Networks (CRON) testbed with ProtoGENI: a CRON is a virtual high speed optical networking and computing testbed (funded by NSF) providing 10Gbps emulated networking and computing environments. This demo will showcase the automated configuration of 10Gbps networking environments and the federation among CRON and other ProtoGENI resources.
     30Affiliation(s): Louisiana State University
     32== Davis Social Links ==
     34''Demo Participants:'' S. Felix Wu, Peter Seigel, Chen-Nee Chuah [[BR]]
     35Davis Social Links will demonstrate a distributed DSL core providing social routing services. Our FAITH social network transformation service will also be demonstrated.
     36Affiliation(s): University of California