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    131131== OpenFlow Campus Trials at University of Washington (OFUWA) ==
    133 ''Demo Participants:" Arvind Krishnamurthy, Tom Anderson, Clare Donahue, Art Dong, Vjeko Brajkovic [[BR]]
     133''Demo Participants:'' Arvind Krishnamurthy, Tom Anderson, Clare Donahue, Art Dong, Vjeko Brajkovic [[BR]]
    134134We present a system for securely and efficiently managing network resources at a +packet granularity. [[BR]]
    135135Affiliation: University of Washington
    137137== OpenFlow Campus Trials at University of Wisconsin (OFUWI) ==
    139 ''Demo Participants:" Aditya Akella, Perry Brunelli, Hideko Mills, Theo Benson, Mike Blodgett [[BR]]
     139''Demo Participants:'' Aditya Akella, Perry Brunelli, Hideko Mills, Theo Benson, Mike Blodgett [[BR]]
    140140Offloading is a widely proposed solution for coping with the increased demands emerging mobile applications place on these resource constrained defines. However, existing systems have not been widely adopted because (i) they lack mechanisms to ensure data privacy, and (ii) they pay little attention to the decision of where to offload. We have developed an enterprise framework to opportunistically leverage available computational resources and offer both security guarantees and performance/energy improvements to smartphone users. Our demonstration showcases our central controller which assigns offloading tasks based on resource availability and an administrator specified security policy. We show security is maintained and available resources are maximally leveraged. [[BR]]
    141141Affiliation: University of Wisconsin
    148148== Deploying a Vertically Integrated GENI “Island”: A Prototype GENI Control Plane (ORCA) for a Metro-Scale Optical Testbed (BEN) (ORCABEN) ==
    150 ''Demo Participants:" Ilia Baldine,Yufeng Xin, Anirban Mandal. [[BR]]
     150''Demo Participants:'' Ilia Baldine,Yufeng Xin, Anirban Mandal. [[BR]]
    151151In addition to the plenary demo, we will show (a) XMLRPC experiment controller supporting GENI API (b) Experiment topology embedding in a Eucalyptus private cloud (c) OpenFlow integration (jointly with GIST using FIRST@PC testbed in Korea)  [[BR]]
    152152Affiliation(s): [[BR]]
    159159== ProtoGENI ==
    161 ''Demo Participants:" John Regehr, Rob Ricci [[BR]]
     161''Demo Participants:'' John Regehr, Rob Ricci [[BR]]
    162162We will demonstrate the frontend GUI to ProtoGENI. This GUI will display the resources that are part of the ProtoGENI federation on a map. It will allow users to create slices, start up slivers on various component managers, and display those slices on the map. This GUI is available for all users of the ProtoGENI federation. [[BR]]
    163163Affiliation(s): University of Utah, HP Labs, Internet2
    165165== A Provisioning Service for Long-Term GENI Experiments (PROVSERV) ==
    167 ''Demo Participants:" John Hartman, Scott Baker [[BR]]
     167''Demo Participants:'' John Hartman, Scott Baker [[BR]]
    168168We will demo the Raven tool suite for experiment management, including the Raven tool for publishing an experiment's software and configuration packages, the Tempest tool for installing those packages on the proper slices and slivers, and the Owl tool for monitoring the experiment's progress and results. [[BR]]
    169169Affilation(s): University of Arizona
    171171== Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI (S3MONITOR) ==
    173 ''Demo Participants:" Sonia Fahmy, Puneet Sharma [[BR]]
     173''Demo Participants:'' Sonia Fahmy, Puneet Sharma [[BR]]
    174174This Demo with demonstrate the capabilities of Scalable and Safe Sensing Service for GENI Clusters. The demo will show deployment of S3Monitor components (the sensing pods and sensing information manager) on the ProtoGENI cluster. [[BR]]
    175175Affiliation(s): Purdue University , HP Labs
    177177== A SCAFFOLD for GENI-based Distributed Services (SCAFFOLD) ==
    179 ''Demo Participants:" Matvey Arye, Michale Freedman, Prem Gopalan, Erik Nordstrom, Jen Rexford, David Shue  [[BR]]
     179''Demo Participants:'' Matvey Arye, Michale Freedman, Prem Gopalan, Erik Nordstrom, Jen Rexford, David Shue  [[BR]]
    180180SCAFFOLD is a network architecture designed to support the needs of replicated, dynamic Internet services, deployed within and across datacenters. SCAFFOLD provides flow-based anycast with (possibly moving) service instances, yet allows addresses to change over time as instances fail, recover, or move. This demo showcases our SCAFFOLD prototype -- which includes an end-host network stack (built as extensions to Linux and the BSD socket API) and a network infrastructure (built on top of OpenFlow and NOX) -- and how SCAFFOLD handles service dynamism among replicated services. [[BR]]
    181181Affiliation(s): Princeton University
    183183== Exploiting Insecurity to Secure Software Update Systems (SecureUpdates) ==
    185 ''Demo Participants:" Justin Cappos, Geremy Condra [[BR]]
     185''Demo Participants:'' Justin Cappos, Geremy Condra [[BR]]
    186186Every piece of GENI receives software updates, sometimes through multiple mechanisms. Unfortunately, insecure software updaters are prevalent today on GENI (and the Internet as a whole), making it easy for a malicious attacker to compromise systems. This project focuses on providing secure and timely software updates to GENI systems. [[BR]]
    187187Affiliation(s): University of Washington
    189189== A Shad!owBox-based ProtoGENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure (SHADOW) ==
    191 ''Demo Participants:" James Griffioen, Zongming Fei, Jacobus van der Merwe [[BR]]     
     191''Demo Participants:'' James Griffioen, Zongming Fei, Jacobus van der Merwe [[BR]]     
    192192GENI !ShadowNet Demo - "Internet in a Slice".  Experiments often want to emulate a wide-area network that consists of multiple ASes running realistic intra and inter domain routing protocols. We will demonstrate how the GENI !ShadowNet Juniper routers can be used to create a set of networks (ASes) that have all the essential components and protocols that make up the Internet.  (We will be working with the Utah ProtoGENI group to create backbone connections across Internet 2 between the GENI !ShadowNet routers) [[BR]]
    193193Affiliation(s): University of Kentucky, AT&T Research, Internet2
    195195== Internet Scale Overlay Hosting (SPP) ==
    197 ''Demo Participants:" Jon Turner, Patrick Crowley, John !DeHart [[BR]]
     197''Demo Participants:'' Jon Turner, Patrick Crowley, John !DeHart [[BR]]
    198198Demonstrate one or two new slices. [[BR]]
    199199Affiliation(s): Washington University, St. Louis, MO
    201201== Data-Intensive Cloud Control for GENI (VISE/DICLOUD) ==
    203 ''Demo Participants:" Michael Zink, Prashant Shenoy, Jim Kurose, David Irwin, Emmanuel Cecchet [[BR]]
     203''Demo Participants:'' Michael Zink, Prashant Shenoy, Jim Kurose, David Irwin, Emmanuel Cecchet [[BR]]
    204204An example of a radar forecasting application using ViSE and !DiCloud resources.  [[BR]]
    205205Affiliation(s): UMASS Amherst
    207207== Virtual Machine Introspection and Development of a Model Federation Framework for GENI (VMI-FED) ==
    209 ''Demo Participants:" Kara Nance, Brian Hay, Jon Genetti [[BR]]
     209''Demo Participants:'' Kara Nance, Brian Hay, Jon Genetti [[BR]]
    210210We will demonstrate the current Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) functionality running against cluster nodes. This allows the state (e.g., network state, packet counts, running processes, memory usage, ...) of the virtual machines to be determined from the virtualization layer (i.e., without the need to install instrumentation tools on the virtual machine).  [[BR]]
    211211Affiliation(s): University of Alaska Fairbanks
    213213== A Programmable Facility for Experimentation with Wireless Heterogeneity and Wide-area Mobility (WIMXUWI) ==
    215 ''Demo Participants:" Suman Banerjee, Sateesh Addepalli [[BR]]
     215''Demo Participants:'' Suman Banerjee, Sateesh Addepalli [[BR]]
    216216Demo: Continuous Vehicular Connectivity through Multiple Wide-area Interfaces
    217217This demo will highlight real-time tracking and monitoring of mobile testbed nodes deployed on Madison city busses and Coach USA vehicles. Nodes connect via 3G and !WiMax depending on the deployment.  [[BR]]