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    119119== OpenFlow Campus Trials at Indiana University ==
     121''Demo Participants:'' Christopher Small, Matthew Davy, Dave Jent [[BR]]
     122The deployment and operation of new network technologies will require new tools and procedures to run them. We will demonstrate mechanisms to automatically collect statistics from OpenFlow aggregates and make the statistics available to the researchers and other projects.
     123Affiliation: Indiana University
     125== OpenFlow Campus Trials at Stanford University ==
     127''Demo Participants:'' Nick McKeown, Guru Parulkar [[BR]]
     128We will demonstrate a series of OpenFlow controller software for use in GENI experiments, where variation of OpenFlow controllers should be helpful for wide range of experiments. This demonstration will exhibit individual demonstrations of multiple OpenFlow controllers at least including NOX with SNAC (Stanford), Beacon (Stanford) and Helios (NEC Lab). In the demo, each controller will highlight their features so that the researcher can decide which controller is the best for them. This demonstration is jointly done by Stanford University and NEC. [[BR]]
     129Affiliation: Stanford University
     131== OpenFlow Campus Trials at University of Washington ==
     133''Demo Participants:" Arvind Krishnamurthy, Tom Anderson, Clare Donahue, Art Dong, Vjeko Brajkovic [[BR]]
     134We present a system for securely and efficiently managing network resources at a +packet granularity. [[BR]]
     135Affiliation: University of Washington
     137== OpenFlow Campus Trials at University of Wisconsin ==
     139''Demo Participants:" Aditya Akella, Perry Brunelli, Hideko Mills, Theo Benson, Mike Blodgett [[BR]]
     140Offloading is a widely proposed solution for coping with the increased demands emerging mobile applications place on these resource constrained defines. However, existing systems have not been widely adopted because (i) they lack mechanisms to ensure data privacy, and (ii) they pay little attention to the decision of where to offload. We have developed an enterprise framework to opportunistically leverage available computational resources and offer both security guarantees and performance/energy improvements to smartphone users. Our demonstration showcases our central controller which assigns offloading tasks based on resource availability and an administrator specified security policy. We show security is maintained and available resources are maximally leveraged. [[BR]]
     141Affiliation: University of Wisconsin
     143= OpenFlow Campus Trials at University of Wisconsin ==
     145(Poster with optional demo via laptop display) The demo presents network coding processing on NetFPGA nodes as part of the GENI experiment project on "Mobile Gigabit Wireless Access". The demo will be conducted across three PCs in laboratory at UW-Madison. [[BR]]
     146Affiliation: University of Wisconsin
     148== Deploying a Vertically Integrated GENI “Island”: A Prototype GENI Control Plane (ORCA) for a Metro-Scale Optical Testbed (BEN) ==
     150''Demo Participants:" Ilia Baldine, Jeff Chase
     151We will demonstrate creation of slices representing complex Layer 2 topologies spanning multiple sites with experimental Layer 3 routing protocol on top. We will also have a joint demo with GIST showcasing ORCA integration with OpenFlow. The experiment will be run on a testbed in Korea and will be shown via vide at the demo location. [[BR]]
     152Affiliation(s): New Internet Computing Lab (NICL)
     153Open Resource Control Architecture (ORCA)
     155BEN: Breakable Experimental Network
     156Renaissance Computing Insititute (RENCI), Chapel Hill, NC
     157Duke University, Durham, NC
     158Infinera Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA