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    8181Affiliation(s): Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2)
    83 == K-GENI and ETRI Virtualized Programmable Platform ==
     83== K-GENI Establishment of Operational Linkage between GENI and ETRI/KISTI-Korea for International Federation ==
    85 ''Demo Participants:'' Joe Mambretti, Maxine Brown, Thomas A. DeFanti [[BR]]
     85''Demo Participants:'' James Williams [[BR]]
     86ETRI will demonstrate the virtualized programmable platform that support CPU virtualization on NPs. This demo includes dynamic downloading of object codes, configuration of CPU resource, sliver modification of ptp into ptmp, etc. Also, KISTI will perform an international demonstration for federated network operations over K-GENI testbeds between Korea and USA, in a joint effort with Indiana University in the US. The federated operations will be done using two Future Internet meta operations system in Korea and the US, dvNOC and GMOC respectively.
     87Affiliation(s): Indiana University, ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) , KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)
     89== Mid-Atlantic Network Facility for Research, Experimentation, and Development (MANFRED) ==
     91''Demo Participants:'' Peter O'Neil, Tom Lehman [[BR]]
     92In this demonstration we will show how the PlanetLab  SFI/SFA can be used to submit requests to the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) GENI Aggregate Manager for the purpose of dynamic instantiation of an experiment topology. The dynamically instantiated topology will be constructed from a diverse set of resources including PlanetLab  slices, dynamically provisioned network paths across the MAX network, and dynamically provisioned network paths across ProtoGENI. This demonstration will also include information on how the current MAX Aggregate Manager interfaces with the PlanetLab MyPLC controller, IDC based dynamic networks (Internet2 ION, ESnet SDN, GEANT AutoBahn?, USLHCNet, and various regional networks), and ProtoGENI Aggregate Manager.
     93Affiliation(s): Mid-Atlantic Crossroads GigaPOP , University of Maryland, College Park , University of Southern California, Qwest Eckington Place NE, George Washington University
     95== Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI a.k.a. GENI Inst & Meas (obsolete), MeasurementSystem, MeasurementSys  ==
     97''Demo Participants:'' Paul Barford, Mark Crovella, Joel Sommers [[BR]]
     98Affiliation(s): University of Wisconsin , Boston University , Colgate University
     100== A Prototype of a Million Node GENI ==
     102''Demo Participants:'' Thomas Anderson, Justin Cappos [[BR]]
     103This demo will describe common use cases for the Million Node GENI / Seattle software. We will also include a demonstration of student created software including alpha versions of a clicker program written in Seattle and an automatic deployment system.
     104Affiliation(s): University of Washington
     106== netKarma: GENI Provenance Registry ==
     108''Demo Participants:'' Beth Plale, Chris Small
     109NetKarma  will demonstrate capture of provenance information of a sample experiment running on GENI Planetlab nodes. This will include the capture of workflow of an experiment run in GUSH and the software used and distributed by RAVEN.
     110NetKarma will also demonstrate the deployment of a permanent provenance store in the form of a Karma 3.1 Database. This database will allow data from each experiment to be available either by direct queries or as part of a RabbitMQ Pub/Sub system   [[BR]]
     111Affiliation(s): Indiana University