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    5252''Demo Participants:'' Alvin Au Young, Andy Bavier, Jessica Blaine, James Kempf, Joe Mambretti, Rick McGeer, Alex Snoeren, Marco Yuen [[BR]]
    5353GENICloud is a flexible, SFA-based cloud environment running at HP OpenCirrus?, UCSD, and Northwestern. In this demo we will show the capabilities of the GENICloud environment by showing a multi-site cloud-based transcoding application, that will be shown on both the show floor and available to any participant with an Internet connection.   [[BR]]
    54 Affiliatoin(s): HP Labs, PlanetWorks, U.C. San Diego, U. of Victoria, U. of Illinois, Urbana- Champaing
     54Affiliation(s): HP Labs, PlanetWorks, U.C. San Diego, U. of Victoria, U. of Illinois, Urbana- Champaing
    6060GENI-VIOLIN's goal is to build an In-network suspend and resume infrastructure for GENI experiments. This project is part of the GENI-alpha plenary session for GEC9. Current GENI experiments cannot be suspended/resumed, and often have to be restarted from beginning, if failures occur in the infrastructure. GENI-VIOLIN solves this problem, by providing "live snapshot" capability to GENI experiments running in GENI slices for fault tolerance, debugging and slice management. GENI-VIOLIN provides the suspend/resume functionality to GENI experiments, with minimal disruption to application performance, while being completely transparent to the application and guest operating systems.
    6161During GEC9, we will show suspend/resume functionality that is completely in the network by exploiting Openflow. GENIVIOLIN requires minimal hypervisor support from the end-hosts. We will show a demo of suspend/resume over two sites (Utah and BBN Emulabs) that are geographically separated.
     62Affiliation(s): ?
     64== MULTIFLOW TCP ==
     66''Demo Participants:'' ? [[BR]]
     67We demonstrate the feasibility of multipath TCP from the application level with the support at the network level. The network routes packets based on destination address and last bit of the destination port #. Packets destined to odd and even port numbers are guaranteed to take disjoint paths. With this support, applications can interact using two TCP sockets that establish connections to an odd and even port, thus increasing the end-to-end throughput. The application layer is responsible for splitting and merging the traffic among the different TCP streams, while the individual TCP streams are responsible for reliable transport within the stream.    [[BR]]
     68Affiliation(s): ?
     71== The Hive Mind: Applying a Distributed Security Sensor Network to GENI  ==
     73''Demo Participants:'' Sean Peisert [[BR]]
     74This demo is regarding Milestone 1 of Year 2  [[BR]]
     75Affiliation(s): University of Califronia, Davis, Battelle, CA Labs, CA Inc.
     77== iGENI: A Distributed Network Research Infrastructure for the Global Environment for Network Innovation ==
     79''Demo Participants:'' Joe Mambretti, Maxine Brown, Thomas A. DeFanti [[BR]]
     80iGENI GEC 9 Demonstrations The iGENI dynamic network provisioning demonstrations showcase capabilities for large scale (national and international) multiple domain dynamic provisioning, including L1/L2 path involving multiple sites, using specialized signaling and implementation techniques. Dynamic Provisioning for the iGENI Cluster D Network In partnership with RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute), Duke University, the University of Massachusetts, and other D-Cluster participants, iGENI Consortium has implemented the Open Resource Control Architecture (ORCA) control framework at the StarLight?? international exchange facility and it is supporting a demonstration of flexible, programmable heterogeneous networking among multiple national and international sites, including dynamic path provisioning. Several iGENI demonstrations will showcase this dynamic provisioning. Highly Scalable Network Research TransCloud?? Prototype This multi-organization TransCloud?? demonstration showcases a capability for using dynamic large scale cloud and network infrastructure for highly distributed specialized capabilities among multiple sites connected by the iGENI network, including digital media transcoding and streaming to multiple edge platforms, supported by scaleable cloud computing and network provisioning. [[BR]]
     81Affiliation(s): Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2)
     83== K-GENI and ETRI Virtualized Programmable Platform ==
     85''Demo Participants:'' Joe Mambretti, Maxine Brown, Thomas A. DeFanti [[BR]]