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    3636Affiliation(s): University of California
     38== GMOC-GENI Meta Operations ==
     40''Demo Participants:'' Jon-Paul Herron, Jon-Paul Herron [[BR]]
     41GMOC GENI cluster and federation visualization [[BR]]
     42Affiliatoin(s): Indiana University, Global Research Network Operations Center
     44== Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation ==
     46''Demo Participants:'' James P.G. Sterbenz, Deep Medhi, Byrav Ramamurthy, Caterina Scolio, Don Gruenbacher, Greg Monaco, Jeff Verrant, Cort Buffington, David Hutchison, Bernhard Platter, Joseph B. Evans, Rick McMullen, Baek-Young Choi, Jim Archuleta, Andrew Scott  [[BR]]
     47Demonstration of GpENI (Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation) programmable testbed for future Internet research. GpENI is an international testbed centered on a Midwest US regional optical network that is programmable at all layers of the protocol stack, using PlanetLab, VINI, and DCN, and interconnected to ProtoGENI in the US and G-Lab and ResumeNet? in Europe. We will demonstrate the topology, functionality, and operations of GpENI. [[BR]]
     48Affiliatoin(s): The University of Kansas, Kansas State University, University of Missouri, University of Nebraska, Great Plains Network, Ciena Government Solutions, Qwest Government Services, KanREN, MOREnet, Lancaster University, ETH Zurich
     50== GENI/Ecalyptus Federated Resource Allocation  ==
     52''Demo Participants:'' Alvin Au Young, Andy Bavier, Jessica Blaine, James Kempf, Joe Mambretti, Rick McGeer, Alex Snoeren, Marco Yuen [[BR]]
     53GENICloud is a flexible, SFA-based cloud environment running at HP OpenCirrus?, UCSD, and Northwestern. In this demo we will show the capabilities of the GENICloud environment by showing a multi-site cloud-based transcoding application, that will be shown on both the show floor and available to any participant with an Internet connection.   [[BR]]
     54Affiliatoin(s): HP Labs, PlanetWorks, U.C. San Diego, U. of Victoria, U. of Illinois, Urbana- Champaing