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     4= Cluster-E and WiMAX Demo Plans for GEC8 and GEC9 =
     8=== Demos for GEC8 and/or GEC9  ===
     10Brainstorming and discussion by group at GEC7 meeting on March 16:[[BR]]
     111)  Multi-campus application, e.g, wideband video between handsets;  distributed conferencing;  video content distribution[[BR]]
     122)  Mobile connectivity: car to car, car to infrastructure via WiMAX[[BR]]
     133)  Portable switch for Layer 2 connectivity;  like Sprint mobile hot spot, except Layer 2;  client to switch via WiFi, switch to infrastructure via WiMAX;  good for campus access.[[BR]]
     144)  Virtualized WiMAX provides emergency slice;  adjust network utilization to assure good QoS for emergency slice;  reassign to accomplish dynamic provisioning.[[BR]]
     16Stretch deployment goal discussed by Ivan, Harry and Tony on March 22:  [[BR]]
     171)  Rutgers would ship three kits by mid-May to campuses. [[BR]]
     182)  Rutgers (with possible help from BBN) would get four campuses (e.g., Rutgers, BBN, UMass, and ?) setup with outdoor WiMAX systems by June 15. [[BR]]
     193)  Basic multi campus demo could be done by GEC8 [[BR]]
     204)  Extended multi campus demo could be done by GEC9  [[BR]]
     22Submitted to Mark Berman on March 31: [[BR]]
     231)  Rutgers and Stanford have proposed a "Wirel" demo proposal for GEC9, that combines both WiMAX and OpenFlow elements. [[BR]]
     25Demo plans for GEC8 and/or GEC9 discussed by Ray, Ivan, Harry, Mark and Tony on April 13: [[BR]]
     261)  Wirel demo is separate, only Rutgers and Stanford. [[BR]]
     272)  Goals for GEC8 demo: [[BR]]
     28 *  WiMAX base station infrastructure is in place on multiple campuses (four?), and operational. [[BR]]
     29 *  WiMAX base station is virtualized, with multiple slices, including (if possible) one multi-site slice. [[BR]]
     30 *  A slice can be configured by an experimenter, including (if possible) downloading code into the slice's VM in the gateway. [[BR]]
     313)  Goals for GEC9 demo: [[BR]]
     32 *  Full WiMAX capabilities. [[BR]]
     33 *  Openness of the API. [[BR]]
     34 *  Multicasting across the country, through multiple sites. [[BR]]
     35 *  Rate adaptation to available bandwidth. [[BR]]
     36 *  Meet the objective for a research experiment.[[BR]]
     374)  Specific demo ideas:[[BR]]
     38 *  Basic video multicast.[[BR]]
     39 *  Extended video multicast, with rate adapted to available bandwidth (under study now, not easy).
     40 *  Multicast, where measure available downstream rates at multiple sites, via multiple connectivity situations, and report back to measurement archive;  might be extended to include available upstream rates;  could eventually be used to automatically evaluate a network deployment.[[BR]]
     41 *  Cache and forward, to provide a delay-tolerant network.[[BR]]
     42 *  Use Layer 2 connectivity, but how?[[BR]]