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    16 BGP Multiplexer
     16== BGP Multiplexer  ==
    18 Cognitive Radio
     18''Demo Participants:'' Vytautas Valancius, Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford, and Akihiro Nakao [[BR]]
     19BGP-Mux is a system that enables wide-area route control for networks inside GENI. BGP-Mux allows scarce resources, such as IP prefixes and AS numbers, to be shared among experimental virtual networks. This demo will showcase the automated management of such resources.
    20 Data-Intensive Cloud Control for GENI:  Processing Weather Radar Data on Amazon EC2
     21== Cognitive Radio ==
    22 GENI Pathlets
     23''Demo Participants:'' Ivan Seskar, Peter Wolniansky, Dirk Grunwald [[BR]]
     24Demo cognitive radio platform doing spectrum sensing
    24 GENI !NetServ
     26== Data-Intensive Cloud Control for GENI:  Processing Weather Radar Data on Amazon EC2 ==
     28''Demo Participant:'' Emmanuel Cecchet [[BR]]
     29This demo will show how Orca can be used to manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources including servers (EC2) and storage (S3). Data from a weather radar will be uploaded to S3 and processed by an EC2 server to produce images. A limited budget of AWS resources will be allocated and the processing will stop as soon as the budget limit has been reached. This will showcase the !DiCloud?  proxy aggregate manager for Orca.
     31== GENI Pathlets ==
     33''Demo Participants:'' Mark Berman, Brighten Godfrey [[BR]]
     34Source-controlled routing is a promising architectural approach to improve reliability, efficiency, and overall flexibility of the network. We will demonstrate a streaming media application weathering "storms" on the network via source-controlled adaptive routing, running on top of pathlet routing, a flexible interdomain routing and forwarding substrate.
     36== GENI !NetServ ==
     38''Demo Participants:'' Jan Janak, Mark Berman [[BR]]
     39We present !NetServ, an extensible platform for deploying in-network services. !NetServ-enabled network nodes provide a common execution environment, where network services implemented as modules can be dynamically installed and removed. Our demonstration shows how !NetServ  can help solve some of the issues faced by content and real-time service providers. We show how !NetServ-enabled nodes can help content providers disseminate content and how providers of real-time services, such as voice and video calls, can use !NetServ-enabled nodes to make their systems more scalable and reliable. GENI allows us to deploy !NetServ?-enabled nodes in the network.
     41== GENI VIOLIN ==
     43''Demo Participants:'' Pradeep Padala, Dongyan Xu [[BR]]
     44We will show how VIOLIN ( can be used for suspending and resuming GENI experiments. This project is part of the GENI-alpha demos planned for GEC9. Our demo will show starting an Emulab experiment, suspending it, and resuming it from a checkpoint. The suspend/resume feature can be used for various purposes including fault tolerance, resource management, and debugging.
    2845GMOC Meta-Operations Center