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    109109Packet and Circuit switched networks are typically planned, operated and managed separately, leading to substantial management overhead, functionality & resource duplication, and increased Capex & Opex. We propose and demonstrate a converged network, where OpenFlow  is used to control both switching technologies in a common way, allowing the service provider maximum flexibility in using the correct mix of technologies while designing and operating their networks. Specifically, we will demonstrate how circuit flow properties (guaranteed bandwidth and delay, no jitter, bandwidth-on-demand) can be used to provide differential treatment to different types of aggregated packet flows - voice, video and web traffic.
    111 == OpenFlow at Stanford:  Expedient ==
     111== Expedient ==
    112112''Demo Participant:'' Jad Naous [[BR]]
    113 The Expedient Demo will show how we can reserve a slice across several sites running various aggregates. Expedient will show slice reservations across resources traditionally associated with GENI such as PlanetLab  and OpenFlow  and across resources outside the GENI sphere such as EC2.
     113We started by asking the question, "Is there a simpler control framework that has a milder learning curve and that is less complex and brittle than today's GENI control frameworks?". Expedient provides a pluggable control framework that leaves the specification of APIs to the resource developers themselves. It simplifies authorization and authentication, and allows resource providers to choose to delegate these operations to Expedient if they want to. It allows developers to design rich user interfaces by providing access to an object-oriented database that describes resources and aggregates.
     115The demo shows federation of PlanetLab and OpenFlow resources at Stanford with similar resources at BBN, and the ability to create a slice that spans these resources through a user interface plugin.
     117* [ Expedient Website]
     118* [ Poster]
    115120== OpenFlow at Stanford:  Aster*x ==