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    136136== ORCA/BEN: A Prototype GENI Control Plane (ORCA) and a Metro-Scale Optical Testbed (BEN) ==
    137 ''Demo Participant:'' Ilia Baldine [[BR]]
    138 We will show one, possibly two demos (a) an ORCA-OpenFlow demo involving VM substrate on BEN and OF substrate in Korea linked together and (b) precursor GEC9 demo using primarily BEN resources.
     137''Demo Participants:'' Ilia Baldine (RENCI), Yufeng Xin (RENCI), Anirban Mandal (RENCI), Namgon Kim(GIST), Anjing Wang (NCSU), Michael Wang (Columbia), Balagangadhar Bathula  (Columbia)  [[BR]]
     138We demonstrate:
     139  * Capabilities of ORCA control framework to create cross-site slices using resources from multiple distributed resource providers (BEN, Duke University, NLR, StarLight facility, UMass Amherst). The slice is stitched from VMs on Duke campus, multiple VLAN segments and another VM at UMass Amherst that collects sensor feeds from ViSE testbed. In this demo ORCA actors (authorities, brokers and experiment controller) exchange NDL-OWL formatted substrate descriptions and requests to form the slice.
    140 Additionally, we will show a [ poster] and demo on integration of physical layer measurement capability and programmatic in-stack consumption of such measurement data for cross-layer control - soon to be integrated into ORCA.
     141  * Capabilities of ORCA to provision OpenFlow slices: ORCA provisions OpenFlow slice on OF testbed located in Korea and connects them to VMs running in BEN network (North Carolina). The experiment demonstrates an OF controller capable of performing VLAN translation.
     143  * We show a [ poster] and demo for GENI-IMF project demonstrating integration of physical layer measurement capability and programmatic in-stack (protocol stack) consumption of such measurement data for cross-layer control. Physical layer measurements from BEN network are relayed via pubsub IMF system to an application running experimental SILO modular networking protocol stack. The SILO cross-layer controller consumes the measurement data and is able to dynamically control the SOA (Silicon Optical Amplifier) on the link connecting the two parts of the application. This dynamic control allows the application to actively compensate for the loss of power on the link introduced by a programmable attenuator.
    142145== PrimoGENI Developing GENI Aggregates for Real-Time Large-Scale Network Simulation ==