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    8080 1. Inter-campus access control demo jointly with GT OpenFlow team.
    8181 1. OpenFlow operation on wireless mesh network.
    82 OpenFlow at Georgia Tech:  RESONANCE Access Control
    84 OpenFlow at Indiana University
     83== OpenFlow at Georgia Tech:  RESONANCE Access Control ==
     84''Demo Participants:'' Russell Clark, Nick Feamster [[BR]]
     85We will demonstrate a network policy management system including network access control for wired and wireless users.
     86  * RESONANCE - an OpenFlow Network Access Control for campus users
     87  * Inter-campus access control demo jointly with Georgia Tech and Clemson University
    86 OpenFlow at Stanford:  Packet and Circuit Convergence
     89== OpenFlow at Indiana University ==
     90''Demo Participant:'' Chris Small
     91Demonstration of the deployment of OpenFlow in the IU campus network and connectivity to backbone and other campus networks. The demonstration will also highlight tools used to monitor and manage OpenFlow  networks
    88 OpenFlow at Stanford:  Expedia
     93== OpenFlow at Stanford:  Packet and Circuit Convergence ==
    90 OpenFlow at Stanford:  Aster*x
     95''Demo Participants:'' Saurav Das, Yiannis Yiakoumis [[BR]]
     96Packet and Circuit switched networks are typically planned, operated and managed separately, leading to substantial management overhead, functionality & resource duplication, and increased Capex & Opex. We propose and demonstrate a converged network, where OpenFlow  is used to control both switching technologies in a common way, allowing the service provider maximum flexibility in using the correct mix of technologies while designing and operating their networks. Specifically, we will demonstrate how circuit flow properties (guaranteed bandwidth and delay, no jitter, bandwidth-on-demand) can be used to provide differential treatment to different types of aggregated packet flows - voice, video and web traffic.
     98== OpenFlow at Stanford:  Expedia ==
     99''Demo Participant:'' Jad Naous [[BR]]
     100The Expedient Demo will show how we can reserve a slice across several sites running various aggregates. Expedient will show slice reservations across resources traditionally associated with GENI such as PlanetLab  and OpenFlow  and across resources outside the GENI sphere such as EC2.
     102== OpenFlow at Stanford:  Aster*x ==
     103''Demo Participant:'' Nikhi Handigol [[BR]]
     104Effective load-balancing systems for services hosted in unstructured networks need to take into account both the congestion of the network and the load on the servers. In this demonstration, we illustrate a comprehensive load-balancing solution that works well for such networks. The system we showcase, called Aster*x, tries to minimize response time by controlling the load on the network and the servers using customized flow routing. The demonstration shows how Aster*x works over a combined network and computation slice spanning multiple campuses across the country. Besides the base behavior, we show the effect of dynamically adding and removing computing resources to the system, increasing the request arrival rate, altering the CPU or network load of each request, and changing load-balancing algorithms.
    92106OpenFlow at University of Washington: Aster*x