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Instrumentation and Measurement Working Group meeting at GEC6:

Wednesday, November 18, 9am - 11am

Welcome and introduction:

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin, WG Co-Chair

Approximately 33 attendees.

Initial view of I&M vision, requirements, strawman, and WG Objectives for Spiral 2:

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin, WG Co-Chair slides

Brief history of GENI I&M

Vision for GENI I&M

instrumentation and measurement systems provide broad data gathering, analysis and archieval capability
sufficient for scientific mission
sufficient for operations
key for success of the infrastructure


measure details of GENI behavior with high precision and accuracy
no impact on experiments
large capacity
high availability
strong access control
tight integration with CFs

Conceptual strawman

instrumentation - taps in the metwork and systems that provide basic signals
collection and synthesis - programmable systems that collect, combine and transform basic signals
archieve - measurement data index and repository


link sensors - deployed on network links via taps, provide basic link signals
node sensors - deployed on all systems , provide basic utilization/state/configuration data
time sensors - deployed at all sites, provide fine-grained, synchronized timestamps

Collection and synthesis

programmable systems connected to sensors
transform basic signals into data suitable for more stnadard analysis
transformations can be more sophisticated
select/transfer protocol moves data from node sensors
short term storage capability

Data archieve

high capacity data repositroy deployed
data catalog

Security and access control

only accessible by authorized users
different views depending on authorization level
some mechanisms defined by CF

Objectives of I&M WG

create an architecture for measuremnt that ensables GENI goals to be achieved, document and refine
facilitate dialog and coordination between tams focussed on I&M
identify key challenges in I&M that could otherwise inhibit the infrastructure
solicit feedback from users
mailing list, wiki, GECs

Short presentations by Spiral 2 projects involving instrumentation and measurement design and prototyping, including: 1) title and team, 2) Spiral 2 objectives, 3) challenges, and 4) proposed approach (approx 7min)

Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI (1628) PI: Paul Barford slides

Instrumentation Tools for a GENI Prototype (1642) PI: James Griffioen slides

OnTimeMeasure: Centralized and Distributed Measurement Orchestration Software (1764) PI: Prasad Calyam slides

Leveraging and Abstracting Measurements with perfSONAR (LAMP)(1788) PI: Martin Swany slides

Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI (1723) PI: Sonia Fahmy slides

Virtual Machine Introspection and Development of a Model Federation Framework for GENI (1773) PI: Kara Nance (delegate: Brian Hay) slides

Embedding real-time substrate measurements for cross-layer communications (1631) PI: Keren Bergman (delegates: Caroline Lai and Michael Wang) slides

Programmable Measurements over Texas-based Research Network: LEARN (1733) PI: Deniz Gurkan

Integrated Measurement Framework and Tools for Cross Layer Experimentation (1718) PI: Rudra Dutta (delegate: Ilia Baldine, co-PI) slides

ORBIT Measurement Library (OML)(p/o ORBIT project, 1660) PI: Marco Gruteser (Co-PIs: Max Ott and Ivan Seskar) slides web

Discussion of WG Objectives for Spiral 2

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin, WG Co-Chair

Wrap up, review of action items and issues for plenary

Harry Mussman - GPO, WG SE

11am Adjourn

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