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Instrumentation and Measurement Working Group meeting at GEC6:

Wednesday, November 18, 9am - 11am

Welcome and introduction:

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin, WG Co-Chair

Initial view of I&M vision, requirements, strawman, and WG Objectives for Spiral 2:

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin, WG Co-Chair slides

Short presentations by Spiral 2 projects involving instrumentation and measurement design and prototyping, including: 1) title and team, 2) Spiral 2 objectives, 3) challenges, and 4) proposed approach (approx 7min)

Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI (1628) PI: Paul Barford slides

Instrumentation Tools for a GENI Prototype (1642) PI: James Griffioen slides

OnTimeMeasure: Centralized and Distributed Measurement Orchestration Software (1764) PI: Prasad Calyam slides

Leveraging and Abstracting Measurements with perfSONAR (LAMP)(1788) PI: Martin Swany slides

Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI (1723) PI: Sonia Fahmy slides

Virtual Machine Introspection and Development of a Model Federation Framework for GENI (1773) PI: Kara Nance (delegate: Brian Hay) slides

Embedding real-time substrate measurements for cross-layer communications (1631) PI: Keren Bergman (delegates: Caroline Lai and Michael Wang) slides

Programmable Measurements over Texas-based Research Network: LEARN (1733) PI: Deniz Gurkan

Integrated Measurement Framework and Tools for Cross Layer Experimentation (1718) PI: Rudra Dutta (delegate: Ilia Baldine, co-PI) slides

ORBIT Measurement Library (OML)(p/o ORBIT project, 1660) PI: Marco Gruteser (Co-PIs: Max Ott and Ivan Seskar) slides web

Discussion of WG Objectives for Spiral 2

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin, WG Co-Chair

Wrap up, review of action items and issues for plenary

Harry Mussman - GPO, WG SE

11am Adjourn

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