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The Instrumentation and Measurement Working Group met at GEC6:

Wednesday, November 18, 9am - 11am

The agenda included:

Welcome and introduction:

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin, WG Chair

Initial view of WG Goals for Spiral 2: (5min)

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin, WG Chair

Short presentations by Spiral 2 projects involving instrumentation and measurement design and prototyping:

1628 Barford Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI

1642 Grif?oen Instrumentation Tools for a GENI Prototype

1764 Calyam OnTimeMeasure: Centralized and Distributed Measurement Orchestration Software

1788 Swany Leveraging and Abstracting Measurements with perfSONAR (LAMP)

1723 Fahmy Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI

1773 Nance Virtual Machine Introspection and Development of a Model Federation Framework for GENI

1631 Bergman Embedding real-time substrate measurements for cross-layer communications

1718 Dutta Integrated Measurement Framework and Tools for Cross Layer Experimentation

4) this project has a very good measurements arrangement, as part of OMF:

1660 Gruteser ORBIT

Wrap up, review of action items and issues for plenary Harry Mussman - GPO, WG SE

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