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The Substrate Working Group will meet:

Tuesday July 21 3:30pm - 5:30pm


1) Welcome and introduction of new co-chair(s), effective GEC6

Joe Evans and Peter O'Neil, WG co-chairs

2) Review of recent vertical and horizontal integration examples:

a) ORCA integration with BEN, including cross layer setup in BEN, and setup of VLANs through BEN and NLR (stitching) Yufeng Xin - RENCI

b) ORBIT (OMF) integration with a WiMAX base station (vertical integration) and plans to connect WINLAB and NICTA sites via I2, etc. (horizontal integration) Ray Raychaudhuri - WINLAB/Rutgers

c) PlanetLab GENI integration with DRAGON resources in MAX (vertical integration), and using DRAGON to make connections across multiple entities (horizontal integration) Chris Tracy - MAX, incoming co-chair

3) Introduction to Ultra Science Net

Nagi Rao - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

4) WG Goals for Spiral 2 (10 min)

Joe Evans and Peter O'Neil, WG co-chairs

5) Wrap up, review of action items and issues for plenary

Christopher Small - GPO (standing in for Harry Mussman, WG SE)

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