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The Substrate Working Group will meet:

Tuesday July 21 3:30pm - 5:30pm

WG Chair slides

1) Welcome and introduction of new co-chair(s), effective GEC6

Joe Evans and Peter O'Neil, WG co-chairs

2) Review of recent vertical and horizontal integration examples:

a) ORCA integration with BEN, including cross layer setup in BEN, and setup of VLANs through BEN and NLR (stitching) Yufeng Xin - RENCI

b) ORBIT (OMF) integration with a WiMAX base station (vertical integration) and plans to connect WINLAB and NICTA sites via I2, etc. (horizontal integration) Ray Raychaudhuri - WINLAB/Rutgers

c) PlanetLab GENI integration with DRAGON resources in MAX (vertical integration), and using DRAGON to make connections across multiple entities (horizontal integration) Chris Tracy - MAX, incoming co-chair

3) Introduction to Ultra Science Net

Nagi Rao - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

4) WG Goals for Spiral 2 (10 min)

Joe Evans and Peter O'Neil, WG co-chairs

Standardizing interfaces is a good thing, e.g., Emulab standardized on one family of switches, DETER tried to adapt it to another kind of switch and it took a lot of work.

Some new layers are getting inserted, e.g. DRAGON, ORBIT have added new layers to the architecture. Working group should define what an AM really is, is there an upper part and a lower part, needs more thought.

Can we standardize set up of end-to-end VLANs so we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel?

For the substrate catalog to be more useful, probably should be put online, needs to be updated (action item).

How can we make the substrate catalog of value to the community? How do we extend it, update it, etc.?

5) Wrap up, review of action items and issues for plenary

Christopher Small - GPO (standing in for Harry Mussman, WG SE)

Update the substrate catalog, make it easier to keep up to date and more useful. This probably means putting it online, and in a shared-editable form.

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