The Opt-In Working Group met:

Tuesday 7/21 3:30pm - 5:30pm

The agenda included:

Welcome and introduction of new co-chair(s), effective GEC6

Henning Schulzrinne - Columbia Univ, WG co-chair

Introduction of Justin Cappos - Univ Washington, as incoming WG co-chair.

System Engineering Report (15min)

Harry Mussman - GPO, WG SE

Another risk: legal exposure

Opt-In Plans and Issues with Open Flow (15min)

Guido Appenzeller - Stanford Univ

Includes many opt-in issues that have been considered, and are in overview. Working on mechanisms, but not done yet.

Update on Opt-In Plans and Issues with Seattle (15min)

Justin Cappos - Univ Washington

Included five cases from James Sterbenz, GpENI; four cases were not in our definition of opt-in,but one follows our definition.

Seattle is currently focussed on educational uses. A more complicated opt-in situation, since includes users who provide resources (nodes) and other users who utilize resources. Does the user who contributes a node have any say as to how it is used? Or is this covered in some policy? In the worst case, what if the node you contributed is being used for an illegal purpose?

GENI Structure of Entities, Actors and Agreements (15min)

Harry Mussman - GPO, WG SE

GENI Best Practices to Minimize Opt-In Risks (30min) Henning Schulzrinne - Columbia Univ, WG co-chair

Discussion about users. Consider: innocent to expert. Consider: role of user, not just their identity,i.e., acting as a parent or not. Much discussion about terms and definitions; need to review and affirm or change. From PlanetLab: need to be responsive, even if not legally responsible.

WG Goals for Spiral 2 (5min)

Henning Schulzrinne - Columbia Univ, WG co-chair Justin Cappos - Univ Washington, incoming WG co-chair

Wrap up, review of action items and issues for plenary Harry Mussman - GPO, WG SE

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