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Substrate Working Group Meeting at GEC4

The 4th GENI Engineering Conference will be held in Miami, FL from March 31 to April 2, 2009.

The Substrate WG will meet on Wednesday, April 1, 3:30pm - 5:30pm.


  • Welcome - WG Chairs, Patrick Crowley, Joseph Evans, and Peter O'Neil (1 min)
  • Vertical Integration (1 hr 35 min)
    • Introduction - John Jacob (5 min)
    • Spiral 1 Implementation
      • Integrating substrates to ProtoGENI - Robert Ricci (Utah) (15 min)
      • Integrating a WiMAX Base Station to ORBIT - Ivan Seskar (Rutgers) (15 min)
      • Integrating BEN to ORCA - Ilia Baldine (RENCI) (15 min)
    • Generalized Interfaces for GENI
      • Integrating dynamic circuits into the GENI substrate - Chris Tracy/Jarda Flidr (MAX) (15 min)
      • Unified Measurements: Franz Fidler (Columbia) (15 min)
      • Title tbd - David Anderson/Peter Steenkiste (CMU) (15 min)
  • Wrapup - WG Systems Engineer, John Jacob (10 min)
    • Review of action items

Suggestions for topics should be sent to the WG Chairs, the WG System Engineer, or to the WG mailing list:

Chairs: Patrick Crowley, Joseph Evans, Peter O'Neil

Working Group System Engineer: John Jacob

Send email to WG Mail List: WG Mail List

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