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    6060      <br />
    6161      <br />Lunch will be provided. Breakfast is included in the hotel reservation.
     62      <br />A reception will accompany the demo night event.
    6263      <br />
    7273      <br /><a href="" target="_blank">Address: 1333 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281</a>
    7374      <br />The GEC-24 room rate is 219.00 USD per night and includes breakfast. The rate available for 03/06/2016-03/10/2016.
    74       Please book by 02/14/2016.
     75      Please book by 02/28/2016.
    7576      </p>
    7677      <p>
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    8889      <h3 align="left">
    89         <u>Travel Grants (Deadline TBD)</u>
     90        <u>Travel Grants</u>
    9091      </h3>
    9192          <p>A limited number of travel grants are available for persons wishing to attend the GEC. The purpose of the grants is to
    9293      increase the educational, ethnic and geographic diversity of conference attendees and to create opportunities for informal
    9394      social networking between participants from a wide range of universities and companies. Any applicant affiliated with a U.S
    94       institution, including students at U.S schools, is eligible. The application deadline is February 4th but applications will continue
    95       to be accepted after that date until funds are available. Those applying by the deadline will be notified by February 10th.
     95      institution, including students at U.S schools, is eligible. </p>
     96      <p> <b>Application deadline: February 4th</b> but applications will continue to be accepted after that date while funds are available.</p>
     97       <p>Notifications: Those applying by the deadline will be notified by <b>February 10th</b>.
    9698          </p>
    9799      <p>
    98100      <a href="" target="_blank">Apply for a travel grant.</a>
    99101      </p>
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     106      <h3 align="left">
     107        <u>GENI Regional Workshop:</u>
     108      </h3>
     110A GENI Regional Workshop will precede GEC24 on Monday March 7th. If you are interested in hands-on tutorials, you must register separately for the regional workshop. More information about it and registration can be found in the <a href="">GRW webpage</a>.
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    106122      to your arrival.
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    108       <br /></td>
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