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GEC24 OpenFlow Support for Experimenters in GENI

This is a session intended to review the current set of options available to GENI experimenters to obtain and manage an OpenFlow-controlled network topology in GENI.

Session Leaders

  • Rob Ricci, University of Utah
  • Ilya Baldin, RENCI
  • Nick Bastin, Barnstormer Softworks
  • Ryan Izard, Clemson University
  • Eric Boyd, Internet2

Agenda / Details

The session will consist of a series of relatively short presentations describing different ways that GENI experimenters can obtain an OF-controlled topology, and the steps and tools required to obtain and manage such topologies.

We will review solutions that contain elements that are:

  • Hardware topologies
  • Software topologies
  • Edge control versus transport network control

We expect the session to be interactive with Q&A during each discussion.

After the talks, we will discuss the relative costs and benefits of these different approaches to different problems. We will solicit from the audience requirements and desires for new capabilities for OF-enabled topologies that can be brought to a subsequent Developer Roundtable session at the GEC.

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