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GEC24 Monitoring Support for Experimenters and Developers

This is a session to update experimenters and developers on current monitoring system functions and programmable interfaces, and get their inputs on the direction for future work.


  • Brief Overview of GENI Monitoring Collection Architecture (Caylin Hickey, University of Kentucky)
  • Overview of GENI Monitoring Reporting (Caylin Hickey, University of Kentucky)
  • Overview of GENI Monitoring Alerting (Cody Bumgardner, University of Kentucky)
  • Explanation of GENI Monitoring API systems (Caylin Hickey, University of Kentucky)

Session Leaders

  • Cody Bumgardner, University of Kentucky
  • Caylin Hickey, University of Kentucky

Agenda / Details

In this session we will walk through the existing collection mechanics and explain existing summary data created from the polling metrics. We will also walk through real-time reports and alerts and show some example reports. Finally, we will explain the backend API calls that we use to construct the dashboard and how others can use this data in their own monitoring and applications, including the use of node metrics in rspec deployments.

We expect this to be a participatory session with Q&A planned for each of the four sections. We would like inputs from experimenters about how they would like to use monitoring data.

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