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The GENI Architecture Team is a group of lead architects from across the GENI community charged with assessing and directing the future of the GENI Architecture.

This session intends to focus on two related areas:

  • What is the future of the GENI Architecture Team itself? That is, how will this structure go forward once the GPO (and perhaps GEC's) are done?
  • What aspects of the GENI architecture need to be elaborated or added or amended to support future expansion, federation or transition?

This meeting is for the Architecture Team only, though the minutes of the meeting will be posted publicly after the GEC.


The session had a few themes to it.

First, we discussed the agenda topics of the future of the architecture team and the architecture itself.

Second, some technical topics (treating projects as a first-class object, generic attribute/credential services, policy support for projects) were raised and discussed, the details of which were delegated to the upcoming Developer’s Roundtable session.

Third, we discussed the challenges of GENI’s future federation needs on the level of 1) Data Plane, 2) Control Plane 3) Authorization/Authentication and 4) Monitoring.

Finally, we discussed architectural affordances and requirements to best handle new kinds of resources.