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GEC23 Research Works In Progress


Tuesday 4pm - 5.00pm

Session Leaders

Vic Thomas


A opportunity for experimenters to discuss their in-progress research using GENI.

If you are interested in presenting at this session, please email tutorials at with your name, contact info, and a short description of your research.


Time Speaker Topic Slides Demo at session Demo at Demo Night
4.00pm - 4.13pm Parikshit Juluri SARA: Segment Aware Rate Adaptation for DASH video streaming services Yes Yes
4.13pm - 4.26pm Haotian Wu Size-based Flow Management Prototype for Dynamic DMZ No No
4.26pm - 4.39pm Ryan Izard Steroid OpenFlow Service RyanIzard.pdf Yes Yes
4.39pm - 4.47pm Braulio Dumba In-Network Dynamic Pathlet Switching with VIRO for SDN Networks No Yes
4.47pm - 4.55pm Divyashri Bhat Load Balancing for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming in Information Centric Networks Slides No No

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