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GENI Current and Continuing Activities

For discussion at GENI future planning sessions.

This list is intended to capture major activities currently underway in GENI and/or that may need to continue in order to accomplish goals of the GENI project, NSF, and/or the research community. It is a work in progress and is not believed to be final or complete.

  • System Engineering & Project Management
    • GENI-specific
    • Coordinating GENI with other CISE mid-scale cyberinfrastructure-related efforts
  • GENI Priorities and Strategic Planning
    • Financial planning and allocation
    • GENI subcontracting
  • Ownership (legal) of GENI assets
    • GENI-purchased racks, switches, WiMAX on campuses and at regionals
    • Spontaneous racks
    • GENI-purchased equipment at GPO
    • Intellectual property – software, documentation
    • Federation agreements – web of trust relationships within GENI
    • Federation agreements with integrated collaborating testbeds (e.g. Emulab, ORBIT, PlanetLab)
    • Federation agreements with international collaborators
    • Participation as InCommon service provider
  • Keeping GENI up and running
    • On-site hardware maintenance (racks, WiMAX base stations)
    • Core network capability (dynamic circuit provisioning, OpenFlow control): US
    • Core network bandwidth
    • Core and regional network connectivity to GENI campuses
    • International R&E network connectivity
    • Hosting software services and tools (moderately long list, including clearinghouse, portal, Jacks, iRODS, LabWiki, stiching computation service)
    • Operations team (monitoring, incident response, LLR)
    • User-facing documentation and web site
    • Developer-facing documentation
    • Hardware refresh / upgrade and obsolescence management
    • Software fixes and obsolescence management
  • Growing physical GENI
    • GENI primary deployment - new site identification & equipment acquisition
    • “Spontaneous rack” acquisition and onboarding process
  • Growing GENI community
    • Event planning and administration (GECs)
    • Experimenter outreach
    • Experimenter support
    • Educator outreach
    • Educator support
    • Testbed community building (e.g. shared capabilities, API, international collaborations)
    • Developing training materials (experimenters, educators, and operators)
    • Conducting tutorials (experimenters, educators, and operators)
  • Enhancing GENI capabilities
    • Testbed software development (new capability and maintenance)
    • Tool software development (new capability and maintenance)
    • Federation with new collaborators (agreements and implementation)