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    7171==== GENI Desktop ====
    7273'' This demo shows a unified interface for accessing GENI resources and managing GENI experiments. ''
    305306  *, Wisconsin Wireless and Networking Systems (WiNGS) Laboratory
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     314==== Network Troubleshooting with SDN Traceroute Protocol (SDNTrace) ====
     315''The demo shows a proposed protocol to trace flow paths on a given network composed of SDN/nonSDN network devices. ''
     317Attendees who are interested in network engineering concepts such as network troubleshooting, operation of traceroute on SDN boxes should come by.  (a) A probe packet is formed to trace a layer 2 frame's path with a proposed SDNTrace protocol. The demo will show a northbound application that processes SDNTrace protocol packets on a network topology created on GENI using the VTS. (b) Network troubleshooting is an essential part of network engineers' job with tools such as traceroute, ping, and others. With NSF's investments to upgrade bandwidth and support more orchestrated large science transfers through SDN network devices on campuses, network engineers will be able to utilize our proposed protocol to achieve traceroute functionality. A tracing of paths over SDN network devices is challenging in current deployment experiences. Please see requirements page that inspired and drove this project from the needs assessment of network engineers at  [ Internet2 Technology Exchange meeting] in October 2014:  [ Meeting Notes from BoF at TechExchange2014]. In addition, a project charter has been published on the Internet2's SDN workgroup page, open for comments and participation in the project from the community:  [ SDNTrace Project Charter] Page on Internet2 wg-SDN.
     320 * Deniz Gurkan,, University of Houston
     321 * Jow Breen,, University of Utah
     322 * Nick Bastin,,  Barnstormer Softworks
     323 *;
     324 *