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     3= [wiki:GEC22Agenda#ConferenceAgenda GENI, US Ignite and Mozilla Foundation] Evening Demos =
     4== Location ==
     6George Washington University Science and Engineering Hall
     8== Schedule ==
     10Tuesday 4.30pm - 7.30pm
     12== Session Leaders ==
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     23<tr align='center'  style="border:1px solid gray;">
     24<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Heidi Picher Dempsey<br/>GENI Project Office</td>
     25<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Manu Gosain<br/>GENI Project Office</td>
     26<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Peter Stickney<br/>GENI Project Office</td>
     31== Details ==
     33The evening demo session gives GENI and US Ignite experimenters and developers a chance to share their work in a live network environment.  Demonstrations run for the entire length of the session, with teams on hand to answer questions and collaborate.  This page lists requested demonstrations categorized in broad interest groups.  You can download project posters and supplemental information from attachments listed at the bottom of this page.
     35== Directions and Logistics ==
     37Please visit [wiki:GEC22Agenda/EveningDemoSession/PresenterInfo this page] for attendee and presenter logistics information. For information about demo locations at GWU see [wiki:GEC22Agenda/EveningDemoSession/Location this page].
     39== Projects ==
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     45=== Education ===
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