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    33 = GEC 22 Call for Demos =
     4GEC22 will take place in Washington DC and it will be a special event where invitees will include leaders from Government agencies, companies and your peers
     5from academia and industry. At this GEC we would like the plenary demos to be one of the best show and tell performances. This is a great opportunity to communicate
     6your message and have maximum impact.
     9== Submission guidelines ==
     10As a first step we are looking for a short description of your demo (an extended abstract of no more than two pages). Send your proposal to
     11   * Submission Deadline: July 25th
     12   * Notification : August 15th
     14== Areas of Interest ==
     15Any demo that showcases an exciting application of a highly programmable computing and network infrastructure is of great interest.
     17Some ideas to spark your imagination, this is not meant to limit the scope of your demos. You may include none or many of these in your proposal:
     18  * Wireless Experiments
     19  * Multi-site experiments
     20  * Large Scale Experiments
     21  * New protocols, non-ip experiments
     22  * Experiments on domain sciences
     23  * Services running on GENI
     24  * Opt-in, non-GENI users
     25  * Experiments crossing the boundaries of GENI
     26    * Collaborations with national and international testbeds
     27    * Collaborations with industry
     28   * GENI in Education