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GEC22 Tutorial: Introduction to GENI WiMAX for experimenters and educators


Tuesday 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Session Leaders
Fraida Fund
Thanasis Korakis


This is a hands-­on tutorial introduction to GENI WiMAX resources, aimed at both experimenters and educators. It is a self­-guided tutorial, with step­-by­-step instructions for a beginning, intermediate, and advanced experiment given on a website. Participants go through the experiments individually at their own pace, with instructors circulating to give extra support and answer questions.


Beginner to Advanced.

Of interest to:

  • GENI experimenters (at any level of expertise) and
  • educators who teach or supervise projects related to computer networks, wireless networks, or wireless communications

Pre-requisites / Pre-work

There will be new material added since GEC21, so users who have attended past GENI WiMAX tutorials are welcome to attend again.