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GEC22 Research Works In Progress


Tuesday 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Session Leaders

Vic Thomas


A opportunity for experimenters to discuss their in-progress research using GENI.

If you are interested in presenting at this session, please email tutorials at with your name, contact info, and a short description of your research.

Pre-requisites / Pre-work



Time Speaker Topic Demo?
1.35pm - 1.50pm Ateeth Kumar Debugging of flows in a campus network Yes
1.50pm - 2.05pm Guyue Liu Application Performance Monitoring with SDN Yes
2.05pm - 2.20pm Joaquin Chung Software Defined Exchange Point Yes
2.20pm - 2.25pm Samantha Lo Virtual Network Migration Yes
2.25pm - 2.40pm Violet Syrotiuk Adaptive Medium Access Control in Wireless Networks Yes
2.40pm - 2.50pm Tommy Chin Experimentation of SDN-Supported Collaborative DDoS Attack Detection and Containment No
2.50pm - 3.00pm Matt Bishop

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