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     3= [wiki:GEC22Agenda GEC22] Tutorial: Building Virtual Environment Experiences with the Virtual World Framework =
     5== Schedule ==
     7== Session Leaders ==
     9== Description ==
     10The Virtual World Framework (VWF) is a next generation, web based architecture for creating
     11multi-user experiences in a web browser. By leveraging HTML5, the VWF makes it possible to
     12frictionlessly deliver immersive environments, training application, or presentations to users
     13across the world, and to bring those users together in collaborative exercises that leverage the
     14GENI infrastructure to create real time interactivity. This tutorial will explore the structure of
     15the VWF platform, demonstrate several VWF based applications, and introduce authoring tools
     16for developers. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the VWF-based Mars Rover
     17game, which was constructed to explore the use of games as effective supplemental teaching
     18tools of domain knowledge, in that specific programming and math concepts were built directly
     19into the mechanics and gameplay. The player uses a tile-based graphical programming
     20language (Google Blockly, to control the movement and
     21actions of a rover which must accomplish various challenges to prepare a landing site for the
     22colonists that are soon to arrive. The learning concepts therefore focus around basic
     23programming concepts (sequential steps, loops, conditionals, and constraints), as well as one
     24math concept (slope-intercept equations). Participants will also exercise their creativity by
     25building and sharing simple scenarios in the VWF Sandbox authoring environment.
     27== Audience ==
     31Of interest to both:
     32 * GENI Users and
     33 * US Ignite app developers.
     35The audience for this presentation should be educators and developers of training software, engineers interested in HTML5 or related web
     36technologies, and anyone interested in deploying immersive environments in the cloud.
     38Some familiarity with basic JavaScript is recommended.
     41== Pre-requisites / Pre-work ==
     43== Agenda ==
     45 * Slides: [attachment: pptx]
     46 * Instructions: [wiki: web]