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Tips for Video Submissions


Please make sure you are compliant with your university polices related to photographing or videotaping students. You university may have release forms for students to sign. Any video you submit will be used only at scientific conferences and meetings. Raytheon BBN Technologies is not responsible for ensuring you are compliant with your institutional policies.

Tips for making the videos

  • Production facilities. Please take advantage of any university video production facilities available to you.
  • Resolution. High definition video is preferred. We cannot use 240x400 resolution video (or lower)
  • Format. .mov or .mp4. We cannot use .wmv files.
  • Equipment. If you don't have access to a digital video camera, most late-model cameras and smartphones will work. GoPro cameras work very well. If you have a late-model computer, you can use a USB microphone (e.g. connected to your computer for audio and your computer's camera for video.
  • Interviews/Testimonials. If you are interviewing a person or having somebody give a testimonial, please have them introduce themselves. For example, "My name is ... and I am a senior at ...".
  • Interviews/Testimonials. If possible, subjects should not wear stripes. Film in a space with good lighting.
  • Other footage. If you are filming students in a lab/classroom or showing screenshots we do not need audio to go with it (unless it is integral to what is being filmed). It is sufficient for you to email us a text description of what is in the video. When we put together the final video, we will probably add an audio-track with a narrator. Since we will be putting together snippets of video from any people, it might be better to have narrator for the whole video (except, of course for the interview/testimonials).
  • Video Content: Here's a suggested format for your video: Introduce yourself/your team, affiliation(university name) and location. Describe your project. Why is it important? Who do you want to collaborate with in the future?

Length of submissions

  • 2-3 minute segments of video are best, however longer videos are fine. Err on the side of more rather than less.
  • Due to constraints on the running time of the final video, we may not be able to use all (or any) of the content you send us. We greatly appreciate your taking the time to send us this material and will try our best to use as much of it as we can.


If you have any questions or would like more information, pl. email Kerry Grenier. She is happy to work with you over email or telephone.