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     3= [wiki:GEC22Agenda GEC22] Tutorial: Using LabWiki in Education =
     5== Schedule ==
     9== Live Stream ==
     12== Session Leaders ==
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     19<td> <a href=""><img src="" height='120px'/></a></td>
     20<td><a href=""><img src="" height='120px'/></a></td>
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     24<td style="border:1px solid gray;">Sarah Edwards <br/>GPO</td>
     25<td  style="border:1px solid gray;">Xuan Liu<br/>University of Missouri, Kansas City</td>
     30== Description ==
     31In this tutorial educators can learn how to use LabWiki in the classroom. They will not only learn the mechanics of the LabWiki tool
     32itself but also how it can be used by students to perform assignments on GENI testbeds. In addition, we will show how it can support the teacher
     33in managing larger classes and support grading.
     35For hands on activities we will have the tutorial participants perform their own assignment. Further, we will demonstrate additional
     36assignments that can also be used in Distributed Systems and Computer Networks classes. We will also explain the steps that have to be
     37performed to set up a class assignment in LabWiki and provide documentation for these steps to the tutorial participants.
     39== Audience ==
     41''Beginner to Advanced.''
     43Primarily of interest to Educators, but this tutorial might be interesting for GENI experimenters who are interested in the basic capabilities of LabWiki and not necessarily planning on using it in the classroom.
     46== Pre-requisites / Pre-work ==
     48== Agenda ==
     50 * Slides: [attachment: pptx]
     51 * Instructions: [wiki: web]