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GEC22 An Introduction to the GENI Network Architecture


Wednesday 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Session Leaders

Marshall Brinn
GENI Project Office
Niky Riga


We will discuss various points of the GENI Federation architecture. In general, we will discuss the relationship between users, tools, aggregates and clearinghouses and the trust relationships among these that enable scalable trusted exchange of resources within a GENI federation. Specifically, we will look at questions such as:

  • What are the essential relationships underlying the GENI Federation?
  • What kinds of trust exist among these entities?
  • What software mechanisms and protocols support and enforce these trust relationships?

We will discuss various points of the GENI Network architecture including:

  • What is a GENI rack? What happens inside a GENI rack?
  • The components of the GENI network and the relationships between them including: GENI racks, campuses, regionals, and backbones.
  • Inter-aggregate connectivity: various ways of connecting reserved resources at multiple aggregates for data connections. We will survey the options available in GENI, including ExoGENI stitching, GRE tunnels, IP on the control plane, shared VLANs, and OpenFlow.
  • OpenFlow in GENI: software vs hardware switches and intra-rack vs inter-rack connectivity

Federation Architecture Slides: pptx Network Architecture Slides: pptx, pdf


Familiarity with GENI such as the material covered in the Intro to GENI session

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