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GENI in the Education


Tuesday 10.30am - 12.30pm

Session Leaders

Vic Thomas
GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

Introductory comments - Vic (5 mins)

  • GENI as a remote virtual lab
  • instructor resources including training opportunities
  • mailing list for GENI educators

Instructor resources (courseware) (3 speakers, 12 mins each):

  • Fraida Fund: (12 mins)

Classroom as a service MOOCs (how they may be used in the classroom in addition to the community)

  • Mike: GENI-based courseware (12 mins)

Perhaps arranged in a logical progression---IP Routing, learning switch controller, load balancer (across links, across servers), ... Benefits: authoring tools, auto-grading, integrated environment for running experiemnts, collecting measurements and generating reports

  • Jay: GENI-based courseware (12 mins)

Benefits: Use as exercises or as supplementary material to lectures, complete package: instructions, instructor guide, videos

Instructor experiences: (4 speakers, 15 mins each)

  • Prasad Calyam. Cloud computing classes, large classes
  • Bruce Hartpence. Experiences with classes that are more IT networking oriented than traditional CS networking classes (is this a correct characterization?)
  • Rudra Dutta. Using GENI in very large class. Slides: pdf, ppt
  • Fraida Fund. DARPA Spectrum Challenge based class assignment


  • Suggestions for course material
  • New GENI functionality that will make life easier for instructors/students
  • Others...including topics that come up at the session.



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