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GENI Operations


Wednesday 4.00pm - 6.00pm

Session Leader

Heidi Picher Dempsey
GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

This session includes updates on current engineering and integration activities with GENI racks and resources at campuses, regional and national/international networks. This is a working session for GENI operators, network engineers, and network management developers.

Watch the video. (The video starts part way through the first talk (apologies Leandro) due to a scheduling difficulty.)

GENI Meta Operations Update ==

Jeremy Oakes, Indiana University

OpenFlow in AL2S

Ali Sydney, BBNT

Update on deploying, testing, and integrating the new GENI OpenFlow controller in Internet2 AL2S.

GENI Monitoring Collector

Cody Bumgardner, University of Kentucky

GENI Operations Trials

An open discussion about goals for tools, procedures, and support during GENI's operations trials this summer.


Participants are usually directly involved in GENI operations, resource management, or development. Students and vendors with an interest in operations are also welcome. This is an *interactive* session, so please participate if you are in the room!

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