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GEC22 Tutorial: GENI Experiment Engine Tutorial


Wednesday 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Session Leaders
Andy Bavier

Matt Hemmings
University of Victoria
Rick McGeer
US Ignite


This tutorial will familiarize participants with the GENI Experiment Engine (GEE) platform. GEE provides simple, preconfigured environments called "slicelets" to GENI users: a slicelet consists of Docker containers running on InstaGENI racks connected by a private L3 network. The goal of GEE is to make it fast and easy to get a basic experiment up-and-running on GENI (a.k.a., "the five minute rule").

Attendees will:

  1. Learn how to allocate a GEE Slicelet and download helper files
  2. Use Ansible to configure and run a simple "hello world" experiment across GEE resources on 20 InstaGENI racks


Beginner to Intermediate.

Of interest to both:

  • GENI experimenters
  • US Ignite application developers

Pre-requisites / Pre-work

You must have a SSH client that uses standard keys.

(Optional): Though it's not required to complete the tutorial, you may want to install Ansible on your laptop following these instructions. Ansible does not run directly on Windows; Windows users who want to install Ansible locally can use Vagrant to install an Ubuntu VM on their machine, and then install Ansible in that VM.


  • Instructions: web