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GEC22 Tutorial: GENI Experiment Engine and Lively Web Tutorial


Session Leaders
Andy Bavier

Matt Hemmings
University of Victoria
Rick McGeer
US Ignite


In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the creation of distributed applications across the GENI Infrastructure using the GENI Experiment Engine, Docker, and the Lively Web.

Attendees will:

  1. Learn how to allocate a GEE Slicelet of standard images
  2. Write a simple webserver application in node.js on a single standard page and automatically deploy it across the GEE Slicelet
  3. Build a simple web page which will automatically query and mash up the results from the various webservers they have written
  4. Use Docker’s tools to create their own image and deploy it across the GENI Experiment Engine infrastructure [Optional if tutorial is given three hours rather than two]


Beginner to Advanced.

Of interest to both:

  • GENI experimenters
  • US Ignite application developers

Pre-requisites / Pre-work

Familiarity with basic Javascript programming is essential.