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GEC22 Strategies for Cyber Infrastructure Integration


Tuesday 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Session Leaders

Marshall Brinn
Brecht Vermeulen


The goal of the session is to review current practices, lessons learned (often the hard way) and future goals for how different CI frameworks can integrate as well as how the resource topologies provisioned by those frameworks can integrate. We will discuss both mechanisms for sharing data and connections as well as mechanisms for ensuring trust to support that sharing.

Pre-requisites / Pre-work



We will have several short talks reflecting each speaker's experience in this area:

  • Brecht Vermeulen, iMinds
  • Rob Ricci, Cloud Lab / Emulab
  • Kate Keahey, Chameleon
  • Vinod Mishra, ARL
  • TBD from GLIF community
  • TBD from GRID community
  • Marshall Brinn, GPO

After these presentations, we will have an open panel-style discussion on these topics, trying to gather experiences, lessons learned and best practices from attendees as well as the presenters.

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