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GEC22 Experimenter and Operations Office Hours


Experimenter and Operations Office Hours: Thursday, 09.00am - 10.30am

Session Leaders

Niky Riga
Sarah Edwards
Vic Thomas

Agenda / Details

This is an informal session where GENI experimenters of all experience levels can get help using GENI.

  • Get a GENI account.
  • Work on any of the GENI tutorials.
  • Ask us questions about GENI resources.
  • Ask us questions about GENI operations, or plan for new sites/changes at your site
  • Plan your experiment.

In general, just stop by. We will be glad to chat!

Making an "Appointment"

While you are always free to "drop in", you can make an appointment to talk about particular topics. We will attempt to get folks with similar interests in the room together and to get the right experts in the room as well.

To make an appointment, please send a note to with:

  • Your name and email address
  • A short description of the topics you would like to discuss
  • Your availability during the time slot:
    • Thursday, 09.00am - 10.30am