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    225225  * Pramod Abichandani,, Drexel University.
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     231==== C3STEM: Engaging Students in Collaborative STEM Education using Cloud-based Modeling and Simulation ====
     233''This demo shows a cloud-based modeling and simulation environment that enables K-12 learning and problem solving through collaboration using a
     234 gigabit network to support high-fidelity simulations of traffic.''
     236Attendees interested in ubiquitous collaborative STEM learning and problem-solving applications using high-speed networks should see this demo.
     238We will demo the Collaborative, Community-situated, and Challenge-based STEM learning environment (C3STEM), which has engaged high school students in collaborative learning and problem-solving activities in multiple schools in middle Tennessee.  C3STEM provides a cloud-based environment that leverages high-speed networks to promote collaborative problem-solving skills and computational thinking. Students engage in modeling and simulation activities focused on real-world challenge problems in the traffic domain, which reify a variety of STEM concepts in physics, math, and computer science. We will demonstrate a series of C3STEM learning modules, progressing from simple visual programming for modeling the physics of car movement and traffic intersections to high-fidelity simulations of traffic on real-world street maps for collaborative optimization of traffic flow.
     241 * John kinnebrew, Vanderbilt University
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     249==== The Gigabots ====
     251''The Gigabots bring realtime connectivity to educational robotics platforms. ''
     253A Gigabot is robotics hardware combined with custom software and a cloud service that provides a realtime communications backbone. We will be demonstrating the current Gigabots platform, which is based on LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Participants will be able to control The Gigabots and receive realtime telemetry from any connected device. The Gigabots provide students the opportunity to explore ideas in autonomy, collaborative behavior, and remote sensing not possible with unconnected devices.
     256 * Jonathan Wagner,, Big Bang
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    232265=== Environment ===