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    5050  * Rob Ricci,, Univ. of Utah
    5152=== Experiments and Education ===
     54==== Networked Virtual Reality Based Training ====
     56This demonstration involves highlighting a distributed approach to training orthopedic medical residents using Virtual Reality (VR) based simulation environments; this application exploits the capabilities of Global Environment for Network Innovation (GENI)'s national test bed infrastructure.  Our demonstration will show how expert surgeons in different hospitals can interact with medical trainees at others locations and teach them the fundamentals of orthopedic surgery. The high-definition multimedia streaming and haptic interfaces associated with the VR environment will enable trainees to remotely observe, participate and practice surgical techniques virtually from different locations (and also provides ‘on demand’ access to such medical educational and training resources).
     58The virtual environments will enable students to learn the appropriate way of performing orthopedic surgery. The traditional way of surgical teaching involves students first merely observing a ‘live’ surgery and gradually progressing to assisting experienced surgeons. Medical residents also learn through performing surgeries on cadavers; however, these approaches have limitations such as availability, cost and the remote possibility of infections, which limit their usefulness. A Virtual Reality based simulation environment is a practical compromise for addressing these concerns. We are working with Dr. Miguel Pirela-Cruz at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center (TTHSC) in El Paso, Texas.
     60We did an initial demonstration at GEC 21 which was well received. Our plans are to show the use of haptic interfaces at GEC 22 with the presence of Dr. Pirela-Cruz.
     63  * M.B.Bharathi Raj Kumar,, Oklahoma State
     64  * J. Cecil,, Oklahoma State
     65  * Parmesh Ramanathan,, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
     66  * Aditya Prakash,, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
    5368=== Federation / International Projects ===