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    221221  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     223==== GENI-VIRO ====
     224''This demo shows progress on implementing and deploying a non-IP routing Protocol VIRO in GENI.  Visit us to learn more about routing experiments.''
     226This demos illustrates the current progress of our GENI-VIRO implementation using the GENI testbed. We will be using the OVS and SDN platform running on virtual machines running GENI nodes in one or multiple sites to run our current GENI-VIRO code. We will set up a virtual network over GENI connecting with a local area network to demonstrate GENI-VIRO capabilities that handle host mobility and support resilient routing.
     229  * Zhi-Li Zhang,, University of Minnesota
     231==== Tracking World-wide Pollution ====
     232*''No Description Available.''
     235  * Rick McGeer,, US Ignite
     237==== Using the Mars Game to Teach Math ====.
     238''This demo shows the Mars Game prototype deployment in GENI. Visit us to learn more about digital game-based learning, education and US Ignite.''
     240Mars Game is a web platform for teaching math to ninth and tenth grade students.
     243  *No participant list available.
    223245==== GENI for Classes / GENI for the Masses ====
    224246''This demo shows the GENI Classroom-as-a-Service and a new GENI MOOC.  Visit us to learn how to use GENI experiments with your students.''