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    190190  * Matt Bishop,, Univ. of California at Davis
     192==== Labwiki ====
     194This demonstration presents the latest features to the Labwiki Workspace. We will demonstrate the secure provisioning of resources and topologies through Labwiki. We will also present Labwiki's new visualisation engine with new types of available graphs that an experimenter can use. We finally demonstrate Labwiki's capability to orchestrate an experiment which simultaneously involves globally distributed resources. These features allow Labwiki to provide experimenter with a comprehensive workspace to plan, prepare, orchestrate and analyse their experiments.  We will also present its new automated experiment trial validation plugin, e.g. a lecturer can now automatically get information about experiment trials requested by students. We will finally demonstrate Labwiki's new integration within an eBook widget.
     197  * Thierry Rakotoarivelo,, NICTA
     199==== Network Function Instantiation ====
     201We demonstrate a network function instantiation capability that transforms the understanding of middleboxes as rigid feature providers. Instead of utilizing middleboxes in strategic locations in the network, we enable programmable network function instantiation in a proliferated fashion in the networks.
     204  * Deniz Gurkan,, Univ. of Houston
     206==== GENI for Classes / GENI for the Masses ====
     208This demo showcases two educational offerings built on GENI and available for general use. The GENI Classroom-as-a-Service is a set of experiments designed to complement traditional courses on computer networks, wireless and mobile computing, or wireless communications. To date, it has been used by hundreds of students in over a dozen classes. We will also demo GENI MOOC, an experiment-based Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the subject of computer networks, with lab experiments that run on GENI resources. This course is aimed at beginners who want to learn about how the Internet works, students who want an introduction to some research topics in networking, and instructors who may use these browser-based experiments as in-class demonstrations or homework assignments.
     211  * Fraida Fund,, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
    192213=== Federation / International Projects ===
    261282  * Brecht Vermeulen,, Ghent Univ.
     284==== International Federation ====
     286This demo will show what the strength is of building large international topologies on existing testbeds and what is possible with experiments of 1000+ international resources.
     289  * Brecht Vermeulen,, Ghent Univ.
    263291=== Wireless Projects ===