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GEC Demo Pitch

GPO is asking all Evening Demo Session participants to create a "demo pitch" for each GEC demonstration.

Your "demo pitch" is a brief (1-2 minutes) speech to create interest in your GEC demonstration. The demo pitch is a clear, concise, and planned introduction of your demo. The objective of the pitch is to expand interest in your demo, increase your confidence in presenting, and showcasing your knowledge of the area.

A demo pitch outline for any GEC demo is given below, along with some content guidelines.

  1. Introduce yourself:

Hello my name is <insert_name> from the <insert_organization> and my demo is <insert_demo_name>.

  1. Short description of your demo, key points are 1) What is the problem and 2) what is your solution:

My demonstration shows how <insert_tech_here> can be used to address <insert_problem_here>. My demo successfully addresses this problem by doing <insert_list_demo_solution>.

  1. Highlight benefits of your works and why it interesting. Example:

<Insert_demo_here> has increased <positive_attributes> and decreased <negative_attributes> by using <insert_cool_stuff_here>.

  1. Define your target audience. Audience may realize they need to see your demo:

If you are interested in <insert_area_of_interest> or want to learn more about <insert_demo_functions> then please stop by to see my demo at <insert_demo_area_here>.

Note: GPO will provide the demo area where you demo will be located. GEC22 demos are grouped by application area.