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GEC 22 and US Ignite Demo Pitch

GPO is asking all Evening Demo Session participants to create a "demo pitch" for each demonstration. Your "demo pitch" is a brief (1-2 minutes) speech to create interest in your demonstration. The demo pitch is a clear, concise, and planned introduction of your demo for a non-technical audience. The objective is to expand interest in your demo, increase your confidence in presenting, and showcase your knowledge of the area, while keeping it simple enough for anyone to understand.

A demo pitch outline is given below with some content guidelines. You make choose to change the content, but keep in mind "keep it simple" and "highlight the benefits".

Demo Pitch Guidelines

  1. Introduce yourself:

Hello my name is <insert_name> from the <insert_organization> and my demo is <insert_demo_name>.

  1. Short description of your demo, key points are 1) What is the problem and 2) what is your solution:

My demonstration shows how <insert_tech_here> can be used to address <insert_problem_here>. My demo successfully addresses this problem by doing <insert_list_demo_solution>.

  1. Highlight benefits of your works and why it interesting, key points are the benefits of your solution:

<Insert_demo_here> has increased <positive_attributes> and decreased <negative_attributes> by using <insert_cool_stuff_here>.

  1. Define your target audience. Audience may realize they need to see your demo:

If you are interested in <insert_area_of_interest> or want to learn more about <insert_demo_functions> then please stop by to see my demo at <insert_demo_area_here>.

Note: GPO will provide the demo area where you demo will be located. GEC22 demos are grouped by application area.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in finding out more about elevator pitches there are additional resources you may want to review: