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How to Configure Demo Visualization

  1. Install nmetrics-oml2 by running
    apt-get install oml2 oml2-apps 

(I believe these are available for yum as well, but not sure.)

  1. Then run:
    nmetrics-oml2 -s 10 -m -i eth1 -c --oml-collect tcp: --oml-id $SENDER --oml-domain gec22

Where the flags mean:

-c = CPU measurements, -i <interface> = network measurements, -s N = run every N seconds, -m = memory measurements

And where $SENDER is a unique name (unique over all experiments and within this experiment). I suggest something like slice-name_node_name but anything will do.

  1. Check if it's working. The correct output looks like this:
    nmetrics-oml2 -s 10 -m -i eth1 -c --oml-collect tcp: --oml-id test-node0 --oml-domain gec22
    Mar 06 14:04:58 INFO	nmetrics-oml2 2.11.0
    INFO	OML Client 2.12.0pre.89-238e [OMSPv5] Copyright 2007-2014, NICTA
    INFO	Monitoring interface eth1
    INFO	tcp: Connected

You will need to run the command in 2 starting a few minutes before the demo starts.