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This page will capture information for the daily wrap-up email for GEC21.

Why are we sending a daily wrap-up email?

The purpose of this email is to provide attendees with timely information that they can read and reference quickly. This email should not be too long (i.e. easy to read). It should contain links to detailed information rather than the actual details. The expectation is that many GPO members will contribute content and one person will plug that information into the template to send out in the evening.

When will the email be sent?

The email will be sent out sometime before midnight? each day of the GEC.

To whom will the email be sent?

All GEC attendees will be bcc'ed.

  • Who will compile the list of addresses?
  • Can we create a distribution list?

Who will compile the information, compose the mail, and send the email?

What will be included in the email